Vishu Festival

Rangoli blessings vishu festival

Vishu Festival heralds the onset of Spring and is a marking of rejuvenation of all kinds, a welcoming of all things new.

Let us all celebrate the Vishu Festival with this colorful Rangoli.

May the Mother Earth bless all of us with bountiful harvest and nourish us in all possible ways… Blessings.

Holi Rangoli

2020 Holi Rangoli Blessings

Festival of Colors Holi is always a time for celebration, rejoicing, jubilation and… play – especially play.

People of all ages and all sectors of the society take part in playing with colors on this day. It is almost as if the world is suddenly more colorful and you see colors everywhere.

I remember during our childhood noticing how there would colors all over on the roads even on the next day!

May the colorful Rangoli as you gaze on it bring out the child in you and let you play with the colors of life, let you create a colorful life of your choice… Blessings.

Celebrating Women’s day


Wanted to share this picture of the Sri Lakshmi Akshaya Patre Rangoli – also called Aishwarya Patra Rangoli (or Kolam).

In Hindu tradition, the woman is the epitome of godliness. She is considered the ultimate symbol of beauty and prosperity (Aishwarya is Sanskrit) – Goddess Lakshmi herself.

She is Shakti who completes Shiva  and together they form the Universe – ShivaShakti. This is depicted in the form of Ardhanareeshwara.

She is also celebrated in various forms as Mata – the supreme mother – Devi, Maheshwari, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Lalitha, Durga, Chamundi – the all-powerful protector and conqueror of evil.

What better way to celebrate the International Women’s day than with this Rangoli to welcome Devi into our homes, and our lives…?

May the Goddess Lashmi shower you all with unlimited blessings…

Colorful Holi!

Colorful Holi Rangoli Blessings

Beautiful blend of colors in this Rangoli for this year’s Holi festival!

Though I do love movies from the Black-and-White era, I always keep wishing they were in color… How fortunate we all are for Nature’s abundant canvas of innumerable colors!

May the Holi festival ensure that all your lives are always colorful, interesting, vubrant and fulfilling… May you be blessed always.

Happy Women’s Day!

Women's Day 2020 Rangoli Blessings

Wishing Happy Women’s day to all the wonderful women out there! And yes, every woman is wonderful…

What better way to celebrate Women’s Day than with this amazing Mandala Rangoli – Goddess Devi herself has made this Rangoli and little Ganesha is looking on (makes it all the more fonder… )?

May the Goddess and Ganesha bless you all with everything that you wish for on this Women’s day…

A Splash of Colors…

Splash of Colors Rangoli Blessings

A beautiful splash of colors to set the tone for this year’s Holi celebrations!

The festival of colors Holi heralds the end of Winter and the onset of Spring, creating a positive, joyous atmosphere. The cobwebs of Winter are shed and people look forward to better days and amazing things coming their way.

The Holi colors always bring a sort of vibrancy and jubilation to people’s lives.

May the Holi festival bring reality to all your wonderful dreams and make your lives colorful…

Happy Women’s Week!

Women's Week 2020 Rangoli

Celebrating International Women’s Week on Rangoli Blessings with this simple Rangoli – and a heartfelt blessing…

What better way to celebrate Women’s Week than to welcome Goddesses Lakshmi, Sarawathi and Parvathi on this Friday into our homes and our lives?

May the Goddess Devi in all her forms bless you all with divine protection, divine wisdom and unlimited prosperity & riches…

Dancing lines…

Dancing lines Rangoli

… and a splash of colors… The beauty of the Rangoli appeases my senses in more ways than one.

In fact, I feel it goes beyond the five senses and touches my soul.

As I gaze on and on at this amazing piece of creative art that is Rangoli, I am bathed in a glow of incredible peace and well-being.

The flowing lines and vibrant colors seem to have a therapeutic effect on me.

Is it the symmetry? Is it my penchant for order? The repeating patterns of lines and curves have a calming effect on my nerves…

The two sides of my brain – the left with its logical thinking and reasoning abilities, and the right with its intuitive abilities – seem to get balanced when I am creating, looking at Rangoli.

I feel centered, emotionally stable.

Rangoli, true to its meaning being associated with color and cheerfulness, with its symmetry and visual appeal, has a rejuvenating effect on me.

I am enamored by this Sacred Geometry, I am enraptured by this Divine Art of Rangoli.

Lakshmi Kubera Rangoli


Lakshmi Kubera Rangoli
Lakshmi Kubera Rangoli

Drawing Lakshmi Kubera Rangoli as shown above is said to bring wealth and prosperity to the home.

Lakshmi Kubera Rangoli is to be drawn only in the Puja room or in front of the Tulasi plant, and should not be drawn outside the house or in front of the main door where people might walk over it.

For the yellow and red colors, turmeric powder (arisina or haldi) and kum kum powder are used.

Since it is considered holy, while cleaning it, a cloth should be used and not a broom.

May  the beautiful Lakshmi Kubera Rangoli blring good luck, riches and unlimited prosperity to your homes…

Ashta Lakshmi Rangoli


Ashta Lakhsmi Rangoli
Ashta Lakhsmi Rangoli

This is a simple version of the Ashta Lakshmi Rangoli. Ashta Lakshmi Rangoli is the one which is drawn in front of the Gods in the Puja room, especially on Fridays.

This Rangoli is also called the Hridaya Kamalam kolam or the Hridaya Kamala Rangoli.

There is the belief that drawing the Ashta Lakshmi Rangoli pleases Goddess Lakshmi as she enters the homes to bless with prosperity.

The way this Rangoli is drawn is like this:

  • Draw 5 dots each in 8 directions, not counting the dot in the center.
  • Then join the dots in this manner: Dot 1 to dot 3 to dot 5 – that is, dot 1 of one line to dot 3 of the next line to dot 5 of the next.
  • After joining dot 1 to dot 3 to dot 5, now join dot 2 of the next line in a downward curve.
  • Now join dot 2 to dot 4.
  • From dot 4, come back to dot 1.
  • And continue again in this manner – 1-3-5-2-4-1 – till the entire Rangoli is completed.

The completed work will be very pleasing to the eye.

May Goddess Lakshmi bless one and all with unlimited prosperity and riches…